Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Spire?

The Spire Arts is an artistic resource for the community of Brighton & Hove and beyond. We are an arts organisation and producing resource supporting the development and presentation of high quality theatre & performance. The Spire Arts is a registered charity (Number 1165244).

The Spire can be used for, amongst other things, rehearsals, development periods, set builds, exhibitions & events.

The Spire can be used for live performance but we are not a year-round live performance venue. We do not have a permanent programming, marketing or press team and currently don’t have budget to support any of these activities.

What does The Spire do?

The Spire Arts is a work in progress.

The Spire Arts is committed to creating and maintaining a thriving hub for theatre & performance and community development.

We want to create experiences for a range of people to engage with and participate in the arts – building a community of users that reflect the diversity of Brighton & Hove.

We value the arts and the people that work within the sector (and wider sectors connected to it).

The Spire Arts strives for an uncomplicated way of working, managing the expectations of users/potential users by working on an open proposal based model. We aim to be approachable. We want to be as accessible, sustainable and resilient as we can.

At the moment, the organisation relies heavily upon income raised through private hire to survive.

What doesn’t the Spire do?

The building is not hireable by the hour and we cannot host regular classes (e.g. yoga, dance or keep fit), crèches or children’s parties.

The Spire Arts is not exclusive and we’re not a faceless organisation. The management team will not get bogged down in gatekeeping and try to be transparent with anyone wanting to use the space.

When is The Spire open?

The Spire is available to hire throughout the year, however the building is not open every day and the management team is not based on site.

Please bear with us with requests to visit the space/carry out site visits – we can usually accommodate requests with a couple of days notice.

What’s the history of our building?

The Spire is an old building that is being given a new lease of life. Throughout its history (formally St. Mark’s Chapel), the building has been a resource for the community, something that will continue in its new guise as The Spire. The building belongs to the Diocese of Chichester and is closely linked with St. George’s in Kemptown.

The building has a premises license granted by Brighton & Hove City Council.

How is The Spire managed?

The management team consists of two individuals (David Sheppeard & Faith Dodkins) who work in the independent arts sector in Brighton and further afield (some times together, sometimes separately). They are supported by a voluntary board of trustees. The Spire have a relationship with the Parochial Church Council (PCC) and Church of England, are the spokespeople for the organisation and guardians of the charity (and of the relationship with St. Mary’s Hall, St. Mark’s and St. Georges).

On any given day they administer the organisation and look after the building; run the front of house and take responsibility for health & safety, fire safety, first aid and licensing. They are the fundraisers, financial officers and business managers.

They are the optimists, risk takers and vision-holders of The Spire.  They only work (on average) one day per week on all things Spire so please be mindful of this when you make contact.

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